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Discover why companies like these choose Kairos

Learn how industry leading brands are transforming their business with face recognition. The stories below are just a handful of the organizations that benefit from Kairos.



Vidigami, School Photo Management System

“Kairos gives us a unique opportunity to passively measure how consumers are responding to both content and ad experiences in the best possible location – the consumer’s home environment.”

- Jon Jusczyk, Associate Director, Intelligence Solutions & Strategy


Vidigami, School Photo Management System

“The advantage we found with Kairos is in the way they expose their technology, which allowed us to apply additional intelligence for maximizing recognition results."

- Mandy Chan, Founder & CEO


Veritone, AI-Based Cognitive Computing Platform

“Kairos has established itself as a leading AI engine provider in the facial recognition space, continuing to add new capabilities and features over time. We appreciate Kairos' focus on collaboration and willingness to ideate solutions for our various client use cases.”

- Tyler Schulze, VP Strategy & Development, Veritone


Legendary, the global media and entertainment company

“Legendary's Applied Analytics division sources and leverages emerging data sets to quantitatively model, predict, and influence consumer purchasing decisions in the entertainment industry and beyond”

- Legendary Applied Analytics division